News – February 2017

Guru-Gaming has gone through a few changes over the last couple of months both staff wise and community wise.

We’ve got a new temporary website​ ​​ and forums​ which are much easier to navigate and browse at your will, these are only temporary until our new website launch in the coming months which is close to completion.

Also there has been some staff changes including a new Social Team Manager, Dan (JustDan) also KLM has now become a Game Developer with a lot of exciting projects he’s working on with Grimm. But i’ll write about that when the time comes! Replacing KLM as Community Manager is XeraN^ so he’s the big boss man now, watch out!

And lastly, the Teamspeak license is about to run out in February and there is a possibility we may be moving the community over to Discord instead, there is a post on the forums here with a poll you can vote on and give your opinion on what you want to use.

Thats it for this week though, a lot of exciting and interesting things to come in the near future so follow our twitter​ ​​ and facebook​ to keep up to date on the upcoming news!

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